we're a small company based in the cotswolds.

My Husband encouraged me to start this business. I've always had this crazy obsession with all things crafty. I'm like a kid in a sweet shop the second I walk through hobbycraft doors. I started by making a small selection of cards and stocking them in a gift shop in my local town. The responses I had were amazing and I couldn't believe the responses I got. Within a couple of weeks I was receiving customised orders and just thought I would share my ideas with the world. It has grown and grown since then and we now over a large selection of gift all unique to DoodlecardsBoutique. You really won't get these items anywhere.

I think supporting small businesses is so important. Independent shops are definitely the way of the future.

As for the inspiration for the shop name......
We have the most Adorable Jack Russell who's nicknamed Doodle.He's a complete loon and has the best little personality, so it of course made sense for us to name our business after him. We will give him a cut of the profits promise ;)

So that's me and our company thanks for reading.
So if you're after a huge stationery nerd to make you a Gift then look no further.

Doodles away Lisa, Simon and Oscar ( The Doodle)