Penguin chopping board


This makes a great gift for any occasion.




Glass choices : The Chinchilla glass has a ripple effect finish to the glass. This is great if being used as a chopping board as it provides a non slip surface due to the ripple. The plain finish has a smooth glass topping and gives a very vibrant image.


- This item is made using a toughened glass. Due to the toughened glass it can withstanplain finished high temperatures ( perfect for those hot pans)

- The board measures 20 x 28 cm and comes with 4 rubber feet to ensure  your item is non slip.

- All Chopping boards are printed by our in house UK based team using a sublimation ink process. This ensures all images are vibrant and clear on your item.

- Due to the sublimation process all boards are dishwasher on lower shelf friendly however we advise hand washing to keep the vibrant image colour.

Penguin chopping board